Will switch & mix genres without warning.
Will indiscriminately tingle your spine.
Will make you cry when you least expect it.
Will always tell you a really good story.
Can you handle that?

S.H. Livernois lives in Northern New York with her husband and dog. She writes in multiple genres, but everything she writes scares both herself and her loved ones.

Intimate. Exclusive. Unique.

The Phantasmagoria Fiction Ezine publishes quarterly. Featuring original mini-fiction, tiny excerpts of Works in Progress, and hodgepodge pieces of inspiration. Hand-lettered and uniquely-designed, each edition is its own work of art.

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Discover The Frontenac Sisters

Dangerous monsters and impossible crimes. It’s nothing two bad ass sisters can’t handle.

Boonies Press

Bringing you quality fiction that both scares you half to death and makes you cry. Created in the middle of nowhere.

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S.H. Livernois has designed and hand-lettered her own unique bookmark, so you–the adventurous reader–can stand out in the crowd. And you can only find it here.