The Twisted Ones

One-Minute Book Review


Funny, creepy, menacing.

Writing Style

Very distinct narrative voice, which occasionally out-shined the plot. Humor used to cut the terror.


Grandma’s creepy old house in rural North Carolina.

Main Characters

Mouse: Freelance editor who’s cleaning out her grandmother’s house so her elderly father doesn’t have to do it. Tenacious, loyal, funny.

Bongo: Mouse’s redbone coonhound. Helps Mouse through the tough times. Good boy.

Foxy: Mouse’s elderly neighbor. Eccentric, tough as nails, nurturing.

Plot & Pacing

Mouse has been asked to clean out her grandmother’s old house and quickly learns that not only was she a vicious, hateful old woman, she was a dedicated hoarder, too. While cleaning out the house, Mouse finds a journal written by her step-grandfather, who was either in throes of dementia or had stumbled across a horrifying, supernatural secret in his backyard. Mouse soon comes face to face with this secret. The book reads quickly and once the story really gets going, it’s hard to put down. It has a slow start, with a good deal of time spent early on in the cleaning out of the house.


Secrets. The existence of powerful, horrifying forces just beyond our perception.

Overall Impression

Great read with a terrifying revelation at the end.


Four stars.

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