The Summer Country

One-Minute Book Review


Sappy. Romantic. Dramatic.

Writing Style



Colonial Barbados, both before and after the emancipation of slavery.

Main Characters

Mary Anne: Slave owner. Selfish and cruel, but a woman far ahead of her time.

Emily: Champion against slavery. Kind and practical, and also a woman far ahead of time.

Jenny: Slave, kept my Mary Anne. Pessimistic. A woman full of passion.

Plot & Pacing

The chapters shift between two timelines, taking place at the same two plantations. This proved to be very confusing, especially given the lack of clarity about who is who. The story moved along quickly, mostly because there was too much of it. Pacing hampered by speed bumps of extensive emotional rumination.



Overall Impression

Objectively good, but a slog of a read.


Three stars.

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