The Watchers Are Coming

Publication set for winter 2022. Firm date to be announced later.

My mind is yours.

Matilda has grown up inside a city run by telepaths. Emil is outrunning a sin so great no man or god could forgive him. Fate is about to bring them together. The Watchers: A Novella follows this unlikely duo through a dystopian landscape where people can be thrown in prison just for having the wrong thoughts, where an autocrat named Father Joseph dispenses advice to the masses, and suffering is justified as a way to achieve moral purity.

I started writing The Watchers in late summer 2020, and I think we all know how tumultuous a time that was. The novella explores what happens when people stop thinking for themselves and follow one man or one idea straight into an unforeseen, but completely preventable, downfall. It explores human weakness and gullibility, distrust, isolation, hatred, faith, and the power of sacrifice to undo what seems to be broken.

Yes, it’s a weighty little novella, but it’s not technically about today, because whatever is going on in the U.S. or in the world right now has happened before and will happen again. That is what this novella is about–the cycle society takes from peace to destruction and back again.

The Watchers is currently listed for pre-order on Kindle Unlimited, with a tentative publication date for about March 1st, though it might come sooner than that. Stay tuned for more updates. If you’d like to pre-order now, follow the link below.

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