Phantasmagoria Fiction eZine Has Launched

My new creative endeavor, a quarterly eZine of mini-fiction and inspirational hodge-podge, published its first edition on March 31st.

There a couple reasons I decided to put out an eZine. I wanted to be unique, because every author has the same email marketing strategy. And I wanted to be authentic. We live in time of fake YouTube videos, AI, and social media insincerity, and I have no desire to contribute to all that noise.

Another reason is nostalgia. I just turned forty in February and find myself pining for a simpler time (though what time is actually simple?), or perhaps just a time without so much technology. I remember when the epitome of high-tech was a special machine that rewound VHS tapes at hyper-speed. Zines are from the old school, and I miss it.

I also wanted to be creative. TikTok, YouTube, podcasts–none of that feels artistically fulfilling to me. Putting together these pages of random creative outbursts, by hand, has proven to be a fun process that really allows me to think outside the box and spend time with my writing.

The eZine is, of course, free. To get it, you do have to relinquish your email address by clicking here to sign up. It releases quarterly; an issue just came out at the end of March, which means the next one will be published at the end of June. If you sign up now, though, I’ll send you the Winter 2023 issue.

I look forward to sharing my creative weirdness with you. In the meantime, I’m working on Case No. 5 of the Frontenac Sisters series, called Black at Night, which I hope to publish by July. I’ll provide more details when I know I can meet that deadline.

Cheers and happy spring!

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