About Me

SH Livernois, Author - Copy

Hi! My name is S.H. Livernois, but you can call me Shelley. I am an author, artist, wife, dog mother, traveler, empath, and introvert.

I live in the middle of nowhere–Northern New York between the Adirondack Mountains and Canadian border. I make my home in the tiny town of Moira with my husband, Jourdan, and a redbone coonhound named Violet. In the mornings I indulge my creative desires, but by night I work at the family business, bossing people around.

Violet Redbone. Isn’t she beautiful?

Writing is something I’ve always done, ever since I wrote my first “book” at age five, which was about a rooster. For me, writing is like breathing, it’s necessary for my mental health, it helps me understand the world around me and express my ample opinions about it. I write to make people think, to scare them a little, and to help them empathize with people unlike them.

My chosen genres are mystery and suspense, but somehow, all of my stories end up scaring people half to death, so I suppose you could say I mix in a little horror (but not too much). I like to think of my books as a combination of Agatha Christie and Stephen King. My mystery series, The Frontenac Sisters, combines paranormal suspense with the elements of a good old-fashioned detective book, the fast pace of a thriller, and the emotional punch of psychological fiction.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, drawing, taking pictures, tearing my ATV through the woods, traveling with my husband or sister, or watching far too much TV. My ultimate dream is to build a “creative cabin” of my very own, a combination writing room and artist’s studio, preferably in the middle of the woods and by a river. Maybe someday…