The Retreat

One-Minute Book Review Tone Creepy, yet skeptical. Writing Style Straightforward, simple. Gets the point across without embellishment. Setting A writer’s retreat in Wales. Main Characters Lucas: A writer basking in recent success, grieving the loss of his girlfriend and suffering from writer’s block. Tenacious, practical, knight-in-shining-armor. Julia: Illustrator and mother, grieving the loss of herContinue reading “The Retreat”

The Summer Country

One-Minute Book Review Tone Sappy. Romantic. Dramatic. Writing Style Sloppy. Setting Colonial Barbados, both before and after the emancipation of slavery. Main Characters Mary Anne: Slave owner. Selfish and cruel, but a woman far ahead of her time. Emily: Champion against slavery. Kind and practical, and also a woman far ahead of time. Jenny: Slave,Continue reading “The Summer Country”

The Twisted Ones

One-Minute Book Review Tone Funny, creepy, menacing. Writing Style Very distinct narrative voice, which occasionally out-shined the plot. Humor used to cut the terror. Setting Grandma’s creepy old house in rural North Carolina. Main Characters Mouse: Freelance editor who’s cleaning out her grandmother’s house so her elderly father doesn’t have to do it. Tenacious, loyal,Continue reading “The Twisted Ones”


One-Minute Book Review Tone Tense, uncomfortable, suspenseful. Occasionally humorous. Writing Style Straight-forward, tell-it-like-it-is. Brutal reality is conveyed in simple language, allowing all attention to be on the story. Setting 1976 Los Angeles. Early 19th century Maryland. Main Characters Dana: Intelligent, courageous, practical. A writer. Kevin: Dana’s husband. Also a writer. Dedicated and loyal. A bitContinue reading “Kindred”

Moon of the Crusted Snow

One-Minute Book Review Tone Eerie, sparse, and isolated, with a constant undertone of mounting unease and vulnerability. Writing Style Straight-forward and simple. Poetic, but restrained descriptions of nature and daily life. Laced with important cultural and political messages, but not preachy. Setting Far northeastern Canada in a First Nations community. The location is unspecified exceptContinue reading “Moon of the Crusted Snow”