My Books Are Finally Joining the Physical Realm!

Remember real books? The kind you could hold in your hand, with pages? And that oh-so-satisfying sound of paper swishing as you read… Ah…those were the days.

Well, print isn’t dead. Actually, most readers still prefer the physical book. So in that spirit, I’ve finally gotten around to launching paperback versions of the three currently-published installments in my mystery series, The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters.

This is only step one, though. Currently, I’m only publishing paperbacks through Amazon, which means that’s the only place you can get them. Eventually, I want paperbacks to be available everywhere, including in libraries and bookstores if I can swing it. For that, I need a higher-quality printer, and I will eventually turn to Ingram Spark. But they’re not cheap.

Now, this isn’t a joke: I’m currently playing the Numbers game through the New York Lottery, in the hopes of winning a few hundred bucks to cover the cost of printing through Ingram Spark. The main expense is the purchase of ISBNs: $300 for ten numbers. Seriously. And I don’t have $300 just lying around.

Even though print isn’t dead and readers prefer physical books, my guess is that indie authors most likely prefer ebooks, simply because it’s so much cheaper to publish digitally. But I’ll get there, someday.

For now, the paperback version of the books should be live on Amazon this month.

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