The Frontenac Sisters Mystery Series

Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters

Publishing Soon — Winter 2018


Hyla and Lizeth aren’t like other detectives. The crimes they probe defy explanation. Their suspects are the stuff of nightmares and justice is usually elusive.  But they’ll never stop fighting against the darkness.

Case No. 1 — Wicked Innocents

Wicked Innocents - 3D Clear

They are not what they seem. They have warped minds and demonized the innocent. Or, they may only exist in a child’s imagination and played Hyla and Lizeth for fools. What is the truth? Who is the victim? In the wilds of wilds of coastal Maine,  the sisters follow the story of a precocious young girl into dark corners no one dares tread.


Case No. 2 — Severed Souls

Severed Souls - 3D.png

The world is iced, broken, impassable. There is no where to go, no one to call for help, no power. Twelve people have taken shelter together in one yellow house in the Adirondack mountains. Conflict simmers, tempers flare, sanity wanes. It’s no surprise, then, that one morning a man and his son disappear among the shattered trees. Is one of the sisters’ neighbors a killer? Or did they truly vanish into thin air?



Case No. 3 — Death Knell

Death Knell - 3D

In the isolated towns of rural Tennessee, women tend to disappear. So many that the police have stopped looking. The place seems cursed and forgotten, making it easy for a powerful shadow society to rule from behind the curtain. When the sisters stumble upon a decades-old secret, this strange cult will do anything to silence them. But they’ve underestimated Hyla and Lizeth. When they’re on the prowl, no monster is safe.

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