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The Frontenac Sisters:

Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters

For mystery lovers who don’t mind a bit of horror mixed in with their whodunits. Do not read just before bed, and make sure to keep all the lights on. Think Agatha Christie meets Stephen King.

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Evil hides behind the sweetest faces. Even the face of a child.

Meet the Frontenac Sisters, Hyla and Lizeth, as they face one of their most difficult foes: a nine-year-old girl with a devious imagination and a dark secret.

A B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

Everyone has a dark side. Some are darker than others.

He hides in the shadows, hunting for victims. He’s collected dozens already, maybe more. His appetite is insatiable, his reach unprecedented. Maybe some monsters are too evil to be defeated.

When friends become strangers, anyone can be a killer.

A natural disaster has crippled the Adirondack wilderness. It’s the perfect time to be murdered. And when two men vanish in the chaos, the Frontenac sisters are determined to find them, no matter the cost.

No monster is safe in the path of a determined woman.

This box set contains Cases No. 1 to 4 in The Frontenac Sisters series.

Wicked Innocents, Severed Souls, Death Knell & The Shadow Mind.

Strength in numbers. Death alone.

Forgotten rural towns. A powerful mob. An ancient secret, too horrific to be believed. If Hyla and Lizeth don’t solve this one, humanity will be doomed.

The Collaborative Story Project

The dead can’t keep secrets.

Theo and Amity have kept their past hidden for fifteen years. Until a dead man resurfaces, weaving tales no one wants told.

Geordie Dittoe must die.

Fate and destiny are very real forces, manipulated by some and protected by others. And Geordie’s about to be shoved in the middle of this eternal battle.

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