Case No. 1–Wicked Innocents


Evil hides behind the sweetest faces.

Nelly Huggett swears something took her mother, brother, and father. She doesn’t know what, or when, or how. And she needs Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac to bring them all back.

For a dark evil has infected the Huggett house. The sisters can feel it. What form has it taken this time? A deranged mother? A secret crime? Or maybe it’s a little girl, weaving a web of lies.

But Hyla won’t accept that. Nelly’s just different, wild, misunderstood. She can’t lose another child to darkness, though she may have no choice.

Wherever this evil comes from, it’s dragging her into the abyss faster than she can chase the clues.

And Hyla may lose herself before she can save anyone else.

Wicked Innocents is the first installment in a series of three books that combine a good old-fashioned amateur sleuth (two, in fact), with spine-tilling suspense, just enough horror to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the heart-pumping adrenaline of a fast-paced thriller.

Sleuths and sisters Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac run their own unique private investigator business from a small town in the Adirondacks. But they’re more often in their 1972 Ford Econoline van, driving across rural America to investigate their next case.

They’re not technically professionals, not really. The crimes they investigate are more dark and disturbing than the average. More…bizarre. Criminals are cloaked as supernatural creatures, occult forces threaten them at every turn, and the confused victims demand justice.

Lucky for the victims, when these women sleuths are on the case, no monster is safe.

For readers who enjoy a strong female lead protagonist, this thrilling series of paranormal private investigator mysteries will have you hooked from the first word. From the twisted imagination of mystery, suspense and thriller writer S.H. Livernois.

Read the first three chapters here.

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